Here is a sample of what Synenergy may deliver to your business:

ENGAGEMENT LEVELS: Progressively improved an organisation’s “people” engagement rating by 18%, whilst maintaining the “task” rating at a world class level above 78%. *Compared to Gallup Average of 50%.

EVP: Increased an organisation’s awareness and attractiveness by 50% amongst university students and was the largest improver in the national Magnet (now called Universum) survey.

ACCULTURATION: Created an online organisation values-anchoring programme that included developing the underpinning personal mastery skills. After completing the learning pathway, participants were more confident in their ability to practice and live these values. Scored 95% workshop quality rating by attendees.

RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION: Re-defined an organisation's recruitment process. Moved from 75% agency based to 25% agency based, saving millions of Rands per annum in commission fees.

RESILIENCE WORKSHOP: Created a scientifically based resilience programme, that promotes proactive coping by developing participants mental, physical, socio-emotional, and spiritual reservoirs. This programme has been implemented across a variety of industries and continents. Scores consistently between 96-100% quality satisfaction ratings.

EMPLOYEE WELLBEING: Implemented an incentivized based fitness level programme that rewarded staff with time off if they exceeded certain fitness targets. Applied behavioural economics techniques to nudge people into activity. Increased participation rates by 300%.

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Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happened to him.

Aldous Huxley