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Resilience podcast with Derrick Msibi (STANLIB CEO) – 26th May 2021
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In this podcast there is a range of topics covered, and for you the listener here are the key time stamps:

0-4:30 Introduction by Derrick Msibi

4:33 Mental wellbeing trends 2021

9:40 What is stress/resilience? Is there such a thing as good stress?

13:58 The leaders resilience role, and its impact on people they lead?

17:24 What happens physically when we experience stress?

20:26 Why are people experiencing more stress now?

23:50 Burnout and the connection between perfectionism and workaholism? Does Work From Home exacerbate this workaholism?

28:02 How do I know I am heading towards burnout?

30:57 How do you recover from burnout, and how long does it take?

33:05 What should leaders be doing to nurture a culture of wellbeing and set employees up for success? What are the signs for organisations to watch out for.

38:40 What bad advice/myths have you heard about managing stress?

42:35 Make it practical – what can an individual and leaders do to enhance our resilience?

49:40 Wrap up from Derrick ito how he manages the pressure of his role.

I hope you have enjoyed this podcast. Stay well.

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What gets measured, gets done.

Peter Drucker