The system within which people operate has a disproportionate impact on the outcome. Too often we fiddle on the margins, without addressing the deeper, systemic issues. We provide deep insights and support through the following initiatives:

  • HR STRATEGY AND DELIVERY: We have a unique, tried and tested process that we use regularly to partner senior HR managers/directors in determining their people strategies. The process involves an understanding of both the macro & micro factors impacting their business, alignment to existing business priorities via a risk heat map, clarification of the HR role within the organisation, one-pager strategy overview, and then a clearly articulated operational roll-out plan. In addition, we provide the most recent people trend analysis and insights to ensure your plan is both relevant and high impact relative to your competitors.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE CULTURES: Whilst culture can be a nebulous term, it’s something that needs to be thoughtfully and intentionally sculpted. If not, you end up having to expend large amounts of energy undoing legacy and trying to convince people of different ways of operating. We have specially designed diagnostics that identify where your organisation is on high performance culture dimensions, and then we look to create a congruent, integrated system that reinforces your desired culture. This can include but is not limited to Recruitment and Selection, onboarding process, values clarification and training, performance management, talent management, reward and recognition etc.
  • CHANGE MANAGEMENT: Often change initiatives flounder, mired in corporate inertia. Change management is so much more than just a communication plan. We upskill managers to drive the change, or play a more hands-on role in assessing the readiness for change and obstacles, measure the competence of the change management team and likelihood of success and then create a process that maximizes the likelihood of success by looking at the change from a behavioural sciences perspective.
  • ENGAGEMENT: With the advent of the knowledge worker, the need to tap into the discretionary effort of both the individual and the synergies of the team have become increasingly important. We have developed an approach that uses robust, respected tools to measure engagement levels. These allow for more focused dialogue discussions and collaborative action planning. Typically, we will spend time with leadership teams upskilling them on how improve engagement levels based on their reality, as indicated by their assessment results.
  • WELLBEING: CEOs desire high levels of productivity, excellent client service, low absenteeism and engaged staff. Whilst staff seek a high quality of life and a company that has their best interests at heart. Ill-health impacts all of these objectives. Unfortunately, companies often take a simplistic and ultimately low impact approach to wellbeing by not addressing the issues systemically (physical, mental, socio-emotionally and spiritually), nor understanding their most pressing challenges with data driven analysis. We can provide integrated solutions that upskill managers and the company so that they can ensure their key resources thrive whilst delivering on the business’ objectives.
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